Lots of great answers to this question asked by Robert Scoble on his FriendFeed. If you are interested check out all the comments with valuable information, particularly by a Google employee, Matt Cutts.



EZCH (fiberspeed netprocessors spread), AMD (watch the the ATI graphics processor paradigm), NETL (fiberspeed memory in the cloud), SYNA (haptic heaven), CGEN (biotech moves to computer models), SMTL (copper still ascendant), HITT (following an analog star), MLNX (cloud interconnect prowess), EVGN.TA (computational plant life, no lawyers), WAVX (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I own most of them and am on the board of WAVX. They are all up recently and risky but technologically rich. If you can, also hit for the fences (and hide from the short term storms) by trying venture capital where everything is low and superb companies, such as Luxtera, are gasping for breath

George Gilder, as taken from the Gildertech Technology Forum

Should Ebay Sell Skype?

February 12, 2009

Hell I wouldn’t. They could be the biggest telecom company in the World in a few years. It’s definitely the best telecom product in the market place. If you’re going to sell something sell the Auction business. But you don’t have to sell either. Wall Street doesn’t like non core businesses, but screw Wall St. Does Buffet listen to Wall Street?He’s got lots of non core business’s. The key is to simply have a firewall between the managements, a least in terms of strategy, like Buffet’s companies do. Or spin it off to Ebay shareholders and do an IPO.


Skype Growing by 380,000 Users a Day

eBay Finally Puts Skype On Block (Quietly)

Well after all the excitement of the day, let’s get real about the earning call on Wednesday morning. We have had Juniper, Cavium, NetLogic and Cisco all report out. So EZchip is all that remains.

So far the reports have shown revenue running around 10 percent less than the prior quarter. The primary culprit has been the enterprise. But Cisco also identified Carriers as slowing their CapEx spend. Happily Juniper reported a record bookings quarter and greater than one book to build ratio.

From an EZchip perspective, we received the most clarity about the status of Cisco’s next generation Carrier Ethernet Equipment developments from NetLogic’s CC and Q&A.

Both NetLogic and EZchip have design wins that compliment each other in Cisco’s next generation CESR equipment. EZchip has the network processor (NPU) and Netlogic does the table look-up (Tcam). Each Cisco line card will normally carry four of the “pair”. Ron Jankov, NetLogic’s CEO stated that they shipped a nominal amount of product into Cisco this quarter. I interpreted that to mean probably less than half a million. More importantly, he stated that Cisco would be launching three of their new products in the first half with initial production volumes from one and pre-product from the other two in Q1-09.

Based on Jankov’s comments, I don’t expect EZchip to announce Cisco as a customer before Q1-09. Back on a December 31st 2008 EZchip thread, I posted:

“I will be quite happy with any revenue number that begins with a pair of ones compared with $9 million last quarter, and EPS of $.14 compared with last quarters $.09. No sense in getting in a hurry here.”

Later I qualified that with a plus or minus $500,000 on the revenue.

I claim no special dispensation regarding Ezchips current quarter. I have been doing a revenue model for several quarter’s, sometimes I am close and sometimes not. I believe that Juniper and Cisco Carrier Business was a little lighter than I had expected. One the other had Juniper had the best booking quarter in their history. In the process they did say that some customer were scheduling the ship dates out a little further.

So, I await the earning release guardedly optimistic. For me the big news will come with the Cisco announcement. It would seem that the stage is being set for that to be a Q1-09 event. If we hit $10.5 million or better, we can also point to a slight inflection point in Quarter-over-Quarter revenue growth. Prior to this quarter, EZchip had been growing at about a million a quarter for several quarters.

One thing I do believe that I know. When this rocket ship is launched, EZchips subsequent quarterly top and bottom line numbers will generate a lot of “shock and awe”. In the mean time, I plan do the same thing I have been doing. Not get in any hurry and not get all worked up over the quarter.

Bob West

*This article was written by Bob West of the Gildertech Technology Forum  Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:10 pm


This is really cool, but it’s only for WordPress blogs hosted yourself, and not the ones like this one hosted at WordPress.com. But maybe (surely?) it will come to WordPress.com soon. In the meanwhile, the video player that they have as an upgrade at WordPress.com is not bad. It’s wide aspect ratio. I think its still some kind of flash, but it seems clearer.

But I digress. For those who have WordPress blogs hosted on other servers, I found this site that developed a Plug-In that allows you to embed Quicktime movies into your WordPress posts. Channel-Ai’s plugin has a couple different cool features that allow you to display the movie and controls in a couple of different ways. Examples and a download of the program are all right there on their site.

*One side note to save you a little trouble. When you size your movie, make sure you size it in the post at least as large as you sized it when you the rendered the movie. This may sound like a no brainer, but I used the default sizes that Ai has demonstrated, and I wondered why my movie was missing its controls. My movie itself was rendered in something like 285 height, while I had plugged in their 240 number, so I had no controls! Duh! Just something to keep in mind

More than likely there’s a small bit of disk damage.

Re-boot in Single User Mode: Restart and while it’s restarting hold down the the Command + S buttons. It’ll pull up a Unix command prompt type screen. At the prompt type : fsck -fy
Remember to put that space after the k.
This will do a disk check like windows does a lot automatically.
If it does find something it will automatically fix it, but if it does find something, re-do the whole process over again because sometimes when it finds something, that will allow it to find something else. So, if it finds and fixes something, keep running the process until it says everything is fine

(Credit MacBreak Weekly Episode 81, Merlin Mann & Andy Ihnatko)

Don’t Get Bitten:

March 11, 2008


The cool thing about Haute Secure is that it operates in the browser and protects you against hidden threats imbedded in content that you trust. And if you think about it, that’s the most dangerous type of mal ware, because you trust the content and link to begin with.

From their website:

Protect Your Computer

“Haute Secure is the only software that offers complete protection from web based malware designed to steal personal information.

  • Site reputation ratings and warnings of potential threats in your search results before exposure
  • First-victim protection from malware lurking in content such as videos, widgets, blogs, and banner ads
  • Collective intelligence that updates your PC when a threat is detected on another computer

The more people who use Haute Secure, the safer your computer is from data theft. Do your part to help fight malware by joining the community today. ”

Protect Your Website:

“Haute Secure content monitoring protects your user base from malware contained in user generated content or embedded by hackers that is designed to steal personal information and data.

  • Free domain entry service: list your site in our database and get emailed if it ever appears on any Haute Secure community block list
  • Daily content scanning: automated testing for malware on every URL in your website from as little as $20 a month

If your site contains Ads, links to other sites or pictures, you could be infecting your user base. Do your part to help strengthen the global fight against malware.”

(Credit: Paul Thurrott; Windows Weekly; Twit.tv)

*Update 3/11/08. I tried this last night. I asked “Who was the 30th President of the United States?” A few seconds later came a text saying it was working on it, with a re-statement of my question, and then a few minutes later came in a text: ”
Herbert Hoover was the 30th President from 1929-1933. He died on October 20th, 1964 in New York, New York.” Wow! Pretty cool, huh? Even more information than I asked for, and I’m impressed with the voice recognition that Dvorak is always saying is going nowhere.

This came courtesy of Bret Swanson on the Gilder Technology Forum (GTF)

Think up any question that you’d type into a search engine. Or one you wouldn’t. Dial 800-224-2242 on your mobile phone and ask your question. You’ll get a text reply restating your question. Then a few minutes later you’ll get a text answer. Seems like a winner to me.



Dropio is an ultimate web 2.0 app. It’s free, it’s weird and cool at the same time, and you don’t even have to sign up! It has that anthropmorphic quality like Twitter in which it seems like it will be different things to different people. It’s billed as a “Simple Private Exchange”

Drop.io enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.”

So it was born out of the same idea as a Youtube. A simple way to share files between friends and groups. Like Twitter you can text in, but better than twitter you can even call in and leave a voice mail that will show up at the “drop.” It even gives you a special email address for your “drop” in which you can email in text, files, and photos. Also, better than Twitter, and like Pownce it has more payload. You can send in voice, pictures, Mp3s by phone, email, or directly from the internet. What’s really cool is that you can make your drop as private or public as you want it be. That way you could make one drop for a Twitter like blog for others to see, or semi-private where just a select few individuals could view, send, and exchange data, or totally private where one might keep sort of like a private diary.

That’s what I was thinking of it as because I’ve always thought that I need some “catch all” repository for ideas that I get on the fly. I’ve tried notebooks, but I end up having tons of notebooks all over the place and end up forgetting the information or not being able to find it when I want it.

The only thing it doesn’t have on Twitter is that it doesn’t send out information to cell phones, but you can receive an RSS feed. Still, one doesn’t get the sense that it is meant to compete with Twitter. I don’t know why I feel that, but I just do. Twitter still has this ineffable quality. Maybe because it just does one thing, I don’t know, or maybe because it is so simple to use and understand even compared to Dropio.

Others will use Dropio publicly like a blog, and like I said earlier, one of the coolest features is the voice call in. You get a telephone number and an extension with each drop. So you can have sort of instantaneous little podcasts on the fly, or just voice mail to everyone in your group as your ideas come to you on the fly. And, get this, you can even fax to and from the drop! Get rid of that fax machine that you use once a month!

I still haven’t figured out what the most creative way someone is going to use this feature and this site, but that’s part of the fun and I think it’s inevitable success. I think it will be the next “Twitter” coming out of SXSW.


I got all of this from the end of MacBreak Weekly episode 79, at the end of the program when they give out their web picks, a Twit.tv program.

Apparently there are tons of programs out there that will take the files off of your ipod if your hard drive crashes, and you haven’t backed up your itunes collection, but according to the Mac Break guys this is the best one.

“This is a great little program. You know there are a lot of programs for copying files and music off of your iPod, and of course Apple continually changes the iPod and iTunes to make that hard…(but) Podworks is fantastic, it works with the iPhone even, will bring over play lists, will bring in Meta data, in fact you can even just get the Meta Data, so if you have the files but you just want the ratings you can copy them over…” –Leo Laporte

He goes on to say it will copy over such things as the last played date, that it’s an “amazing program, the Ultimate iPod copy tool.” Merlin Mann questioned why the product was only 8 bucks, and went on to say that he had personally saved two friends whose hard drives had crashed when they couldn’t get their files from their iPod. Another guest said that the other utilities like it seemed like they were designed to use only once but that this program “was designed like a slick, really professional looking piece of software, not like something just to be used once…” He went on to say that this program was useful to him when his hard drive crashed not because he hadn’t backed up but because you can’t back up play lists in iTunes, but that this program grabbed them from the iPod and copied them back in.


You can try before you buy, but it is only $8. “The easiest 8 bucks you’ll ever spend,” according to one guest.